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I'm a millennial, a mom, a coffee guzzler, and a wedding photographer.

My journey started with taking photos of people's BONES! Yup, I went the (very!) unconventional route and became a Radiology Technologist first! It wasn't long before I discovered that I liked photographing the intimate connections between people more than the insides of their bodies. 

My joy and passion for photography is something that I cannot even describe. It developed after the birth of my daughter, as I saw time flying before my eyes, I had to stop it. I had to remember each and every moment exactly how they were. Photography became such a large and fundamental part of my life that I even documented my husband and I's first date! (Seriously! And the photos are so cute they make me wanna cry!) I find an enormous amount of joy in doing this for others. I truly believe that all of life's most special moments deserve to be beautifully captured.

If you're ready to chat, scroll down & send me a message! I'm looking forward to hearing YOUR story soon!

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